Telephone:  (07) 54921777


Opening Hours: 7:00am - 6:00pm

Age: 15 Months - 6 Years




16 Anning Avenue

Golden Beach

Qld, 4551

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To value the gift that children are to us and to honour the miracle of life that they bring and share with us.


- To be advocates for creating connections with and amongst families and to support the shaping of the positive image of ‘Early Childhood’ and the contribution we all make to young children’s lives.


                  - To be responsive to the families and children’s needs, thoughts, ideas and conversations; and to value the community identity and spirit that emerges because we are ‘in tune’ with our group. To relay information in a reciprocal way to inform families about their children’s wellbeing and progress.


- To be advocates of high quality early childhood education- what is recognised as valued practice according to recent research, the Early Years Learning Frameworks and the National Quality Standards. This professional advocacy is evident amongst our team, our family community and within the broader community.


- To be a place that is centred on, and truly reflects in our practice, warm and rich relationships. Where educators are fully understanding of the reasons for deep and respectful relationships that allow for security, wellbeing and agency amongst children, families and educators.

              - An early childhood space that reflects and advocates emergent and play based curriculum as a purposeful tool for learning.


- An understanding of the value of nature in children’s lives and the link with the rich cultural knowledge and spirit of ‘Country’ that assists us to connect, sustain our world and grow.


- A place that focuses on developing children’s emotional wellbeing and sense of self where the dispositions of resilience and optimism are actively and intentionally taught.


- To be strong advocates for early literacy and numeracy skills where children develop a love of learning, confidence and extensive comprehension of vocabulary through play based moments, warm interactions and being immersed in language.


- A place that nurtures positive energy.